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Final Blog Post

As I begin wrapping up my course study on Young Adult Literature, my mind is a chaotic mess. Honestly, I loved the course. I loved being able to read again, and this time with a new lens. I feel a new surge of energy and advocacy inside of me, yet I also feel at loss as to what to do. To simplify, I believe that YAL should be taught in ELA classrooms along with classics. However, it's convincing others of this (especially the school board) that places me at a crossroads.  YAL is an important genre that is continuously overlooked. I know this because prior to this class, I overlooked the genre multiple times. I had grown out of that phase in my life and moved on to reading more "adult" novels, like The Goldfinch, The Golden Age, and The Harmony Silk Factory. I believed those books -the contemporary, adult genre- were the most influential and important books of our time. Now, I'm not so sure.  There is a great power that exists in YAL. When I was younger, that power had

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